New Year

So now is the beginning of a new year, the year 2008. Celebration of it was laid back with nothing really crazy. The new car handled the driving and I wasn’t feeling tired at all. Must have been the Red Bull I drank. Now I am seating here on New Year’s Day thinking of some resolution, but cannot find any. It seems that if I actually make resolutions for the new year, then I just might not be able to full fill them. Perhaps a set of goals of things that I would like to accomplish before the year ends would be more appropriate. Sure it seems to be the same thing, but thinking of goals rather some resolution would work better to actually accomplish them. Another note, resolutions are for things that have issues in my life and there isn’t any just things I want to get done and achieve.

    The List of Goals for the Year 2008:

  • Find Work
  • Save Money and Start Investing
  • Begin martial arts training
  • Begin ballroom dancing lessons
  • Keep working out
  • Read more books
  • Travel more

I just hope that I can full fill at least 60% of that list before the year is over. I already started one of them, Read More books. Right now I am reading “Random Walk Down Walk Street” by Burton G. Malkiel. The book so far is interesting, but I am only on Chapter 4 which seems to be the history of bubble from the very beginnings of stock markets in the colonial period.  I think it’s just funny that for almost 100 years the bubble of wealth comes full circle every 10 years.  It just amazes me that everyone is looking for the get rich quick and nothing more.  I guess information is great, but gathering information without critical thinking and without questioning the information’s source and context is just foolish.

“Person is smart, people are stupid” — J

I really should get back to writing, poems especially. It probably will help me cope with stress a bit better and working out is always there.


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