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Barack Obama won the South Carolina Primaries by beating both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards in a decisive victory.

I’m happy because I fully support the guy. The difference between all the democrats are hairline slim and therefore for some real change we need an African-American man. Really, I don’t care it was a woman candidate, but voting for Hillary Clinton would be getting a Clinton back into office. Granted Bill was an incredible President, but recent weeks are showing that he still carries power, weight and influence in the political process. Maybe it isn’t good influence, especially after his vocal objection to some press entrance and racial comments that have gotten all the public raging. It’s amazing.

I just wonder, how Hillary Clinton is supposed to get the votes of the young independent women in the this 21st century. I wonder what the reaction would be of the college aged, young professional women’s view of a candidate that’s riding on the success of her husband’s presidency. Sure she is a Senator from New York and all, but she touts are days in the White House. What the hell did she do then? Plan dinner events with delegates. Really.

Real change, or rather transformation, will come from Barack Obama. Aside from his minority status, forget about it. His life is as adverse as anyone else and to come from nothing to rise to center of American politics is something else altogether. I’m not naive thinking that he’s some kind of a messiah, he’s a politician after all. However, the election of such a man will stir the hornets’ nest in Washington and his ability to unify both parties, to make those political compromises necessary to come to a result, as he has proven in his role as a Senator, can only help progress. Only after his election can we be sure that history will show for him. Hell, anyone is better than the President we have now.

Winning Speech Part 1

Winning Speech Part 2


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