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Snipes pays no tax

So I just read about how Wesley Snipes will not be jailed for tax fraud any time soon.  According to an article, the famous movie star can stay out of jail for tax-evasion and tax fraud due to the tax protest that “the IRS’s own code meant no citizen had to pay taxes on income earned in this country, and the agency had no legal authority to collect wages anyway, because it is not a proper government entity.”  I find that very interesting to say the least.

Can an American citizen actually do that?  I have to look into this some more because this is very interesting and makes me wondering.  I doubt however that not paying for taxes and committing tax-evasion can easily get you in jail.  For now on pay your damn taxes.


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I have more similarities with X-Men character Wolverine than any other superhero. That makes you wonder about my life doesn’t it. However, not exact parallels, but personality and love for redheads is there not to mention the ultimate loner attitude and what not.

Nonetheless, I found this pic a long time ago that just captures Wolverine as he truly is.

Wolverine kissing Jean Grey
Thought you might like that.  I hope someone knows the artist.


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thoughts on raw music

I was just watching IMF and Jack White was up there with the Raconteurs and I was completely amazed. I was amazed because very rarely do you find such a raw sound of guitar and amp projected so well. Now a days rock music has become pop music, pre-packaged garbage. I miss shit like this. I have always had respect for Jack Black and his work in White Stripes, but after hearing this band, I can truly see his talent can grow and move to other styles of rock’n’roll.

It’s White Stripes, Foo Fighters and the guys from Queen of the Stone age that keeps the pure sound of rock alive and well.  I wonder where I can get more shit like this.


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