I have more similarities with X-Men character Wolverine than any other superhero. That makes you wonder about my life doesn’t it. However, not exact parallels, but personality and love for redheads is there not to mention the ultimate loner attitude and what not.

Nonetheless, I found this pic a long time ago that just captures Wolverine as he truly is.

Wolverine kissing Jean Grey
Thought you might like that.  I hope someone knows the artist.


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12 responses to “Wolverine

  1. Sue

    I absolutely love this picture. It’s so raw and awesome. Good stuff, man. Good taste.

  2. roland

    I think the artist is Ian Churchill

  3. Pearle


    UNCANNY X-MEN #394
    Marvel Comics
    June 2001
    $2.25 US / $3.50 CAN

    Cover by Ian Churchill

    “Playing God”
    Writer: Joe Casey
    Penciller: Ian Churchill
    Inkers: Mark Morales with Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund and Art Thibert
    Letterers: Comicraft
    Colourists: Avalon Studios
    Editor: Mark Powers

  4. Mac

    Amazing picture. I’m of the same mind when it comes to Wolverine. First and still favorite comic character.

  5. Jami

    Uncanny X-Men #394 and yes, the artist is Ian Churchill. Interesting comic, ecspecially the bit where Scott snaps at Jean in front of Logan. This is one of the comics that leads to Scott’s “cheating” with Emma.

  6. haha

    Look how cool i am! I look like Wolvie!! C´mon!!

  7. Trinity

    i is a girl… and first off Logan (A.K.A: James Howlett) is MINE!!!!! But also awsome picture Dude/ dudett (dont ask about spelling; and idk if u is a girl or boy; me thinks u is boy…)

    ……..WOLVERINE IS MINE!!!!!!!………>///<

  8. Fondue

    wait, first, phoenix went out with cyclops and then cyclops cheated on her with frost then phoenix went away to clear her head later ftost and cyclops got married and now phoenix if making out with wolverine…the drama never ends

  9. Butter

    Wolverine has too many muscles in this picture, but it shows that he truly is a beast at heart, and a sexy-beast I might say.

    I’m definitely jealous of Jean. He’s my favourite character.

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