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I have more similarities with X-Men character Wolverine than any other superhero. That makes you wonder about my life doesn’t it. However, not exact parallels, but personality and love for redheads is there not to mention the ultimate loner attitude and what not.

Nonetheless, I found this pic a long time ago that just captures Wolverine as he truly is.

Wolverine kissing Jean Grey
Thought you might like that.  I hope someone knows the artist.


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bangladesh jails terrorist

I was pleasantly surprised this morning as I read news about the Bangladeshi court system putting away 5 bombers for life.  The charge — series of 400 bombings in august of 2005 in the town of Chapainawabganj.  This is great news as these criminal violated laws of Islam and perpetuated the false stereotypes of the peaceful religion being violent.  I wonder why they weren’t hung, perhaps lack of evidence or political reasons.  Nonetheless, that’s 5 less terrorist off the streets of Bangladesh and in the country’s lovely jails.

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US Politico 2.0

If Hillary Clinton is elected, then an entire generation would have grown up under only the Clintons and Bushes.  How the hell is that change.

An independent women standing behind the shadow of her husband that cheated on her.  She’s also a complete socialist, really we’re not a socialist country and some of her ideas are just out there.   John Edwards can’t use his young-man good looks to win voters that have half a brain.  Got to give the guy credit for trying.  Super Tuesday is going to be very interesting.

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